Our last blog focused on building “Likes” on a new Facebook Business page. While the process of building “Likes” never really ends, now we get into the real fun stuff. Creating posts.

Edge Rank

Your Edge Rank determines how much of your stuff your Fans see. Facebook created this to figure out exactly what you, the user, is truly interested in. If you are interacting with a brand or person on a regular basis, they will show you more of their posts in your stream than they will from brands and people you don’t interact with a lot. If you do not get your Fans to interact for a while, you may drop off their Newsfeed. So, as you can see, it is important to interact.

This post not only received 79 likes and 70 comments, but generated 3,583 impressions

Likes, Comments, and Shares

In order of importance it is


In terms of Edge Rank, I do not know how they weigh these, but I know when you get a lot of shares, the number of people that see your post is significantly more than if you got few shares and mostly comments. We have also observed posts with many comments do much better then posts with few comments and many likes.

Good Engagement Strategies

Pictures are the best way to initiate engagement. Find pictures that will be fun or interesting to your Fans. Ask them to engage with questions. Quizzes can be popular. Ask people to Caption funny pictures. Just show a funny heading with a funny picture, and depending on your audience, if the picture hits a chord, it could start a lot of interaction. Videos are also a great way to engage, but always make sure you include text with the link to the video.

Timing is very important. If you post something too early for your audience and a bunch of other posts come in after yours, there is a good chance your post will be too far down the Newsfeed to be seen. So you need to test posts to get an idea of what times work best for your audience.

We have been able to get the equivalent of three to four times the number Fans on the page seeing some of our posts. So with only 1,000 fans, our client was getting three to four thousand people seeing the post.

Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights gives you an easy way to see how many people are seeing your posts, how many are talking about it, how viral it is, and how many users are engaged.

Traditional Media Compared to Facebook

It’s not uncommon for local businesses in small markets to get more fans on their Facebook page than they can reach with a local radio spot. Then, when you compare the quality of the audiences, pretty much all of the Facebook audience is potentially a customer, while only a small percentage of radio listeners would be customers. As I had mentioned, if you get 3,000 to 4,000 impressions on some posts for a client with just 1,000 Facebook fans that is comparable to an average audience of one of the top local radio stations in a market. At that point you are reaching three or four times more people with Facebook than you could reach with a radio spot.

So start building Top of Mind Awareness today with Facebook.