Digital marketing utilizes the Internet and online-based digital technologies such as computers and phones to promote products and services. Digital marketing includes digital advertising. There are many advantages to digital over traditional advertising. Two of the main ones are the ability to target an audience and to track results.

The marketing needs for small business is different than the needs of big business. Let’s use monthly SEO as an example. In most cases doing a monthly search engine optimization may only improve organic search engine ranking by a fraction, if at all. For a big national company like Target, a fraction of improvement could be worth hundreds of thousands. But for small businesses, the advantage rarely outweighs the cost. The same is true for social media. The time and cost involved in marketing through multiple social media outlets can be high. If you’re a big business, that’s OK. But small business is better off focusing on just one or two social media where they get their best return.

We specialize in digital marketing and advertising strategies for small businesses. We keep costs down by focusing our time and resources on what delivers the best return for most small businesses. That is why we do not do monthly SEO. We do in-depth SEO when we build a new website. Then we may change or add some content to our client’s sites as needed. We only use Facebook and Instagram for our client’s social marketing. This focus enables us to outperform other agencies that have to keep up with many small social media platforms. We are certified for Google Ads and are experts at building custom email marketing lists.

We spend more time working directly with our clients to help them understand digital marketing. The reason is many small business operators do not have time to wrap their heads around digital concepts. We keep our pricing down to what most small businesses can afford by stripping out the waste and not selling services they don’t need. The bottom line is we build world-class websites at rates small businesses can afford. We also help our clients create custom email subscribers lists and manage powerful online marketing campaigns. Plus, we help you grow your Facebook and Instagram likes.

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