The Equalizer

The Internet is the great equalizer. Success and failure hinge on your capacity to adapt and respond to change.

Who We Are

Aim advertising has combined the knowledge of 30 plus years of experience in traditional media with digital advertising strategies that cut through the clutter, deliver the sale, and track your advertising dollars.  We design our services with the following goals:  

  • Always strive to deliver what we promise, and when we can deliver more.
  • Give our client’s peace of mind by knowing they are getting a good value for their investment by being honest and transparent with all of our services.
  • Become knowledgeable about our clients business, so we do not waste time with advertising solutions that are not relevant.
  • Focus on our client’s objective, not on what we think it should be.

We Love And Admire Small Business Entrepreneurs

Aim Advertising began in 1992 with the goal of creating a full service-advertising agency for small businesses. We knew this would be a challenge because most small businesses also have small budgets.  To save time and money we were ahead of our time in applying new digital technologies. Today we use our 30 plus years experience to provide the most powerful advertising and marketing tools ever conceived. Pay-per-click, email marketing, and social media just to name a few, are tools we use to make it possible for small business to compete toe-to-toe like never before.