Google AdWords planThe hottest thing in advertising today is cost per click (CPC) advertising.  For those of us who have been in the advertising business for a long time, CPC is a dream come true. But there is one huge aspect of advertising that many advertisers are forgetting: Brand Awareness. In today’s tough economy there is a lot of pressure to get immediate and direct results to justify every dollar you spend on advertising. As a result, many people forget about one the most important strategies in advertising.  That strategy is to focus on building market share.

In all the excitement about the power of Google Adwords, we do not realize that no matter how high on the search page your ad appears or how many times your ad appears in text or banner ads, when people recognize your name, you get more clicks. So while everyone is working to get higher position on a search engine, or better placements with display ads, they don’t realize that people are drawn to things that are familiar to them.

That’s where branding comes in. When your name brand is familiar, it will always have an advantage over those that are not as familiar. That means when your ad appears on a search page, even if it is not at the top of the page, you could get the click over the one at the top if your name has more top of mind awareness (TOMA).  This TOMA or Brand Awareness can save you money, and overcome any possible weaknesses in your “ad quality score.” That means increasing the familiarity of your name will not only increase clicks, but give you an edge over competitors for ad placement, or keyword bids.

Increasing name recognition is not complicated. It is accomplished simply by keeping your name and your product or service you offer in front of as many potential customers as possible, as much as possible.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this blog, the economy has pressured us into looking for the quick solution.  CPC offers that.  But as more and more advertisers learn how to work this exciting new technology, the advertisers that win in the end are the ones that that don’t forget the importance and power of building market share by building Brand Awareness.

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