As a technology geek its my job…no my lifestyle that dictates that I need to keep abreast of current technology as it pertains to the area of business applications.  So lets go down my list of Systems.


Micro$oft  –  Check – been there done that – got the free tee, virus laden tee-shirt

Linux – Check,  I have compiled my kernel, fscked my drive and even coaxed winmodems to work on occasion…

Mac -errrr

Ok so My Mac skills suxored until 2010… But its just BSD under the hood..right?  A year later and a lot of personal edumacition I know that it doesn’t seem to really matter whats under the hood of a Mac.  Because I don’t spend a lot of time under the hood.


I’m spending all of my time in the driver’s seat and I’m often asking my self, “What were they thinking?”

And here is why:   I have to admit that Mac does a lot of interesting stuff with their OS.  A lot of the magic makes sense for the end user and overall the interface is a pleasant experience(but still lacks when compared to other systems in some areas).  But one big hulking toe that I’ve found has got to be the Mac Dashboard.  (yea I know this is old news for some people but I just feel the need to rant)

This “application”  basically skins over your desktop and runs a collection of widgets.  Some of these widgets are nominally useful.  But the experience overall is akin to a smartphone.   But my Mac Book  Pro isn’t a smartphone.  It’s something a lot more powerful and I have to say widgets on the Mac….just don’t make sense.   IMO they don’t make sense on Windows either.   What I’d like to see happen is that the Mac Desktop Developers just  “step away from the widgets”.

Lets leave the widgets to APP developers for Smartphones & the occasional ipad.