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Interactive Kiosk At Shady Maple

Put your business in front of over 150,000 people a month, many of whom are looking for fun, and interesting things to do, places to shop, and places to stay.  The new VISITOR GUIDE makes it easy for people to find you.  With large full color, high definition pictures, and interactive capabilities, the new VISITOR GUIDE has more impact than brochures.


When someone steps up to the new VISITOR GUIDE, they’ll find a menu featuring Attractions, Places to Stay, Shop, and Eat. When the information page appears, you’ll see a menu including a button for your business with your logo on it. When you hit the button for your business, this is what they get:

  • A big page showing a slide show of large full color, high definition pictures of your business
  • In place of pictures, advertisers can show a video of their business.
  • A description of your business.
  • A Map showing the route from where they are standing to your business.
  • A QR code they can shoot with their smart phone to download driving directions.
  • A QR code they can shoot with their smart phone that takes them to your website

Plus, if a visitor is just looking for something to do and wants to know what is nearby, they can touch the Around Here button where they’ll see a map showing the locations of all the businesses advertising on the VISITOR GUIDE. But that’s not all.  Advertisers can offer mobile coupons that visitors can access with their smart phones using QR codes.

Video Demonstration of the Kiosk in Shady Maple