There are a lot of companies claiming to offer free websites. Really? The fact is they are only free for a short trial period. After the free trial period is over you start paying a monthly fee that within a short period of time can cost way more than if you just bought a website from the beginning. Some of these companies will build the site for you and some of them let you build it yourself with a “drag and drop” interface. Either way, in a year or two you end up paying as much or more than if you hired a good website developer to build a website that you can own.

Here at Aim we have developed a program that makes it possible for us to build a modern content management website that looks great for just $500. It enables you to easily manage the content on it yourself and you own it, so there is no on-going cost other then paying for hosting the site on a server. So instead of paying $30 to $150 a month for a website you don’t own, you can own your site and just pay as little as $5 a month for hosting.

How We Do It

Most of the cost to build a website is for the developers time. Most of the time involved in building a modern content management website comes from gathering and developing content. If special features are needed on the site, it can take time to find the right plugin to create that feature, then more time to learn how the plugin works if the developer has never used it before. But if the developer does not have to create any content or locate and integrate special plugins into the site, the build time can be dramatically decreased.

With our $500 website you get a modern WordPress site that looks as good as any big name website. But you have to supply all the content such as copy, pictures, logos, or graphics. We include some features such as a Google maps with directions, email contact form, and optimize the site for search engines. Some simpler features that we can include are a live Facebook plugin, a live weather module, slide shows, pictures galleries, or a number of other simple and free plugins if they are available.

Below are a couple examples of $500 websites we have recently developed.

Lewisburg Antiques –

The Storage Box –

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.