I am pleased the Associated Press chose to quote my thoughts on ethics in the Advertising Industry.  As I read the responses from readers, I realize there are two different topics of ethics being discussed.  The first being the truth in advertising such as advertising messages that are not quite true or misleading and the other being the relationship between advertising agencies and their clients.  My remarks were about the latter. In this tight economy, clients are scrutinizing overinflated charges and the agencies relationship with media.  No longer can an agency charge an arm and leg for a drag and click.  Clients are also questioning the media buys and how the agency justifies the rates. The Mad Men episode on Sunday night alluded to their second floor as to make them sound like a bigger agency.  In competing for an account if my agency is honest about what we are capable of doing for our clients but our competition is lying their heads off we feel the playing field is not even.   So I welcome an ethics committee but have little hope they will change bad practitioners but maybe these decisions will call them out. I would like to suggest to the ethics committee that they try to educate clients as to how to choose an agency.

Mark Fleisher, aimadvertising.com.