Lets get this out of the way real quick, Why in 2010 are we still using FAX machines? Lets count the steps.

1.Type up digital document
2. Print digital document
3. Sign paper copy
4. Fax paper copy
document got to far side un-readable…
5. Re-fax paper copy
6. Reprint paper copy because fax machine rollers slipped on paper and mangled the paper document and the 2nd attempt to fax the document failed.

7. Fax Paper copy….

Wasn’t that fun.

Now lets look at the pure digital path to enlightenment.

1. Type up digital document

2.  Save document as PDF

3.  Send document via e-mail.

I know kung-fu

But there is somebody out there that says.  “I need my fax rcpt for time of delivery”.   E-mail does that.   Both delivery rcpt and a read rcpt option are available with most dedicated e-mail clients and some web based systems.

So they return with, I need my document signed.  To which I respond with, digital signatures, Or digital signature watermarks,  (a jpg copy of your signature placed in document prior to PDF conversion).

Wake up central Pennsylvania, It’s time to move on.  The technology is here, its tested, it works.   The only problem left is between your keyboard and your chair.

Office Space

It's time to move on and let our fax machines go.