About two weeks ago I posted a blog entry about our Pilot project with Harrisburg CAT and I ended my blog with the statement  “Isn’t technology great when it serves a purpose!!”

Today I wanted to take a moment to revisit this particular topic because today I’m annoyed.  And here is why I’m annoyed.

  1. Far too many technology vendors seem to be trying to sell me everything under the sun simply because its the newest thing out there.
  2. I’m not told “why” I should have this new shiny…  It falls on to my shoulders to determine why I need the new shiny…
  3. The attitude of many vendors is that I should buy from them right now and they get offended / angry when I don’t buy the item.
  4. In once case I have had a vendor tell me “this isn’t a free ride”  Like I somehow owe them something because they gave me a discount on some previous item and now I need to buy other items on their schedule…not on mine.

Now in all fairness not everybody is doing this.  There are some good vendors and advertisers that do a wonderful job of explaining to me why this new shiny is better than the old shiny.  I can even honestly say I’ve had a couple vendors tell me that I don’t need the new shiny…  The new shiny doesn’t seem to fit with my other  widgets.   And to those guys my hat is off.  I applaud vendors and advertisers that do not sensationalize or hype their product.   I pay attention to those guys when they do step up and say  “hey you need this” because I know that they aren’t just looking for a fast buck.

The real lesson to be learned here is that technology without a purpose (for me) is technology I’m NOT likely to buy on behalf of the company I work for.  Oh and by the way, I’m not going to buy it for my home use either.

As for the good guys doing the right thing… Keep doing it!