Aim Advertising has produced thousands of print campaigns in newspaper, billboards, magazines and direct mail.  We have produced over 8,000 radio commercials, messages on hold and voice overs. Plus we have produced hundreds of musical images including many award winners.

Why Is This Relavant?

Some marketers may know how to write code, but do they know how to write copy that motivates potential buyers? With 0ur combined 70+ years experience we have seen the results of thousands of ad campaigns.  Along with our years of direct sales we know how people make buying decisions. Wether they see it in an email or in the newspaper, you cannot fake experience.

If you would like to see sample of our print, advertising including brochures, rack cards, billboards, posters, logo designs and more, we would be glad to send you some samples upon request. If you would like to hear some of our radio production or musical images, click one of the link below. For some of our video production, please visit our Video Production page.