Who We Are

Aim advertising is owned by Mark and May Anne Fleisher.  As of 2020 Mark and Mary Anne have a combined 70 years experience in the advertising industry. Mark worked his way up in the radio industry beginning as an over-night disc jockey in 1980.  In 1983 Mark moved into radio sales eventually becoming a sales manager. In 1987 Mark purchased a radio station which he operated until 1992.  During that time Mark acquired a construction permit for a second radio station prior to selling the station and permit in 1992.  Mary Anne began her advertising career in 1987 working at Mark’s radio station.

Shortly after the sale of the stations, Mark and Mary Anne started Aim Advertising. The objective of Aim Advertising was to give small local businesses quality advertising services at an affordable cost. In order to do this, Aim Advertising pioneered digital technology to lower costs. Aim lowered the cost of radio spot production with one of the most advanced digital audio production facilities in the country in 1992. In 1996 Aim advertising was one of the first in the united states to utilize mp3 technology to distribute audio production over the internet. This enabled Aim to quickly produce radio commercials using talent from all over the world and distribute to radio stations at a low cost, saving cost and time for shipping. In 1997 Aim Advertising was the first advertising agency in Pennsylvania to distribute print advertising over the internet using portable document files (pdf) .  The ability to send print ads over the internet at the time enabled the agency to deliver ads quickly and at no cost.

In 2005 Aim started one of the first digital sign networks in Pennsylvania.  The network eventually grew to consist of over 70 screens in almost 40 locations including 30 Weis Markets stores, several high traffic tourist attractions, and a large community bank. Our screens reached almost 3 million people a month throughout central Pennsylvania

Today, we are a leading digital marketing firm delivering quality website development, pay per click advertising service, email marketing and innovative Facebook marketing at a cost far lower than most other firms. Again we innovated ways to do this so that small businesses could afford to have quality advertising and marketing services. To do this Mark and Mary Anne expanded their already expansive skills to include website design and development along with Marks many years of experience in audio and video production as well as print design and layout.  These skills along with the ability to outsource to our stable of website specialists and our local part-time IT expert enable us to deliver world class website design at a fraction of the cost that large advertising agencies charge.