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Website Design and Development

Aim creates powerful and dazzling website designs that you can manage yourself. You don’t have to sign on with one of those “do-it-yourself” sites where in a year or two you could have paid more than if you just had it professionally built in the first place. Not only do you get a professionally built site, but you have complete control over the content on the site saving you time and money. If your business doesn’t have a website, or has one that is stuck in the 20th Century, give us a call. We are sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised at our website design prices and delighted with the end results.

About SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a very important aspect of the website development process.  But if you are paying a monthly fee for SEO, do you really know what you are getting, or if you really need it? We see all too many businesses paying monthly fees when it is not necessary.

While incremental improvements can be made continuously, we believe the cost for small businesses to pay for on-going SEO is usually not worth the benefit.  We recommend most of your SEO effort to be done in the initial building of the website. Our experience has shown that when SEO is done correctly from the start websites will hold their SEO ranking for years.  There may be exceptions to this for small businesses if you have many aggressive competitors.

Below is a guide to help identify the factors to consider for SEO

Standard Package

  • Email Marketing Integrated
  • Google Analytics Installed
  • Search Engine Optimized From The Ground Up!
  • SPAM-Free Email Contact Form
  • Fully Interactive Google Map With Driving Directions
  • Modern, Extensible Content Management System Technology
  • Web Hosting Free For One Year
  • Soft Support When Your Site Is Hosted On Our Server

Advanced Features


User maintainable • Socially interactive • Listings can include photos and videos • Arranged categorically • Fully searchable • Unlimited entries

Event Scheduling

User maintainable • Allows interaction with visitors

E-Commerce With Catalogue*

Catalogue as described above • Ability to sell items within the catalogue • Checkout via PayPal*

E-Commerce Without Catalogue*

Up to 25 items • Checkout via PayPal*

Directory Listing Component

Displays interactive member directory • Great for organizations or groups • User-editable listings*Ecommerce fees assume that PayPal is used as the Internet payment gateway. This is normally the most economical choice for sales under $10,000 per year. Using other gateways is possible, but the price will have to be quoted on a case-by-case basis.