Digital Signage Advertising

Reach an average of up to 250,000 consumers per month in Lancaster County

Who Are We Reaching

Shady Maple Smorgasbord and Farm Market is one of Lancaster County’s most popular destinations for shopping and for eating at the largest smorgasbord in the state. An approximate 110,000 people visit the Farm market each month (estimate based on an average of 72,500 transactions per month). The Smorgasboad serves an average of up to 140,000 guests per month (based on cash register transactions). It all ads up to about 250,000 people a month. While many Shady Maple visitors are tourists, depending on the time of year, most of their customers and guests come from within a 50 mile radius of East Earl Township, Lancaster County.

This is a great venue to reach prospective customers while they are in a relaxed and leisurely frame of mind. Many visitors will see your ads at the perfect time, when they are out and about and most receptive to stopping at your store or business or looking for a fun activity.

How We Reach People

Large Format Flat Screen TV’s are strategically placed in the Smorgasbord and Farm Market. There is one 65 inch screen placed directly in front of the two cash register stations at the entrance to the Smorgasbord. Standing at about seven feet off the ground, the screen can be seen virtually anywhere in the lobby and is almost impossible to miss when entering the restaurant.

There are two 42 inch flat screens in the Farm Market placed in front of the Check out isles where people can see them as they wait to check out. Then there is one over the Deli counter which is the busiest counter in the store.

Your ad runs at least six times per hour.

Video Of Screens In The Farm Market