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Why We Can Help Your Small Business

Aim is a Google Adwords Partner certified in the Google Search and Display Network. We specialize in Search Advertising, Display Advertising (banner ads) Remarketing Advertising (ads that follow you) and Shopping Advertising (The pictures of products you see next to or above search ads).

The advantage we offer to our customers is our years of advertising experience. Many companies that specialize in PPC have the technical skills to build and manage PPC campaigns.  But our 30+ years experience is invaluable when determining key factors.  Some key factors in creating successful campaigns are:

  1. Knowing how to choose keywords
  2. Creating copy that sells
  3. Creating compelling visuals in display ads
  4. Understanding basic advertising principles like guerilla marketing, and much more.

If you run a small business, we understand your challenges.  As a small business ourselves, you can be sure your business is important to us. Aim will give you the time and attention needed to get the maximum benefit out of your on-line advertising budget.  Give us a call today for a no-obligation proposal on what we can do for you.

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On-Line Advertising

Pay Per Click With Google Adwords

Pay-per-click advertising such as Google Adwords is one of the best things that has ever happened for small business advertisers. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons.

The fundamental difference between pay-per-click (PPC) also known as paid search, and traditional media advertising such as newspaper, radio, TV or billboard is this. With traditional media, you are searching for customers. With PPC, customers are searching for you. Which is better?  That depends on your objective.  But in most cases, PPC is better for small businesses because there is more control over the return on investment.

Here are four basic advantages PPC has over tradition media advertising

Conversion Potential
Which is easier to do? Sell something to someone looking to buy your product or service, or to someone who may be interested? Hence is the difference between PPC and traditional media advertising.

The better you can target your potential customer, the better chance you will make a sale. The difference between PPC and traditional media advertising is this. Traditional advertising can only target generally while PPC can target with more precision.  To borrow a metaphor from a very smart on-line marketer named Rodolfo Melogli from www.businessbloomer.com he asks the following.

Is it easier to:
1. Catch a trout in a small pond of trout?
2. Catch a fish in a big pond of trout and bass?

Traditional media uses a fixed price system based on the estimated size of their audience. PPC such as Google Adwords gives you the opportunity to bid for your price.  With tradition media you pay whether or not anyone is exposed to your ad. With PPC you only pay when someone sees your ad and clicks on it.

So back to the fish analogy, is it cheaper to:
1. Pay only if you catch a trout?
2. Pay for the day, with the hope of catching a trout?

Tracking (control)
This is possibly the most fundamental difference.  The best you can do to track traditional media is by trying to control the customer by getting them to voluntarily respond in some way. PPC tracks every action by your customer.

For the final fish analogy is it better to:
1. Know the ratio between caught trouts and hungry trouts?
2. Catch some trouts?

Knowing the later gives you real control over determining your return on investment.

Some Real World Example from Small Markets in Central Pennsylvania

Some Real World Examples From Small Markets In Central Pennsylvania

 Traditional MediaGoogle AdWords On Line Display Ad
Average Cost$10.00 per thousand audience$2.00 per thousand audience
Cost Per ViewUndeterminable<$1.00 to @$4.00 (depending on the bid)
Percentage of Qualified & In-Market BuyersVery LowVery High

Managing AdWords by hiring a Google Partner can save you time and maximize your return on investment.

When choosing the right agency for your business, consider the services offered, its AdWords expertise, and its account management fees. You may also want to consider the industries they support or their location, as well.

Before entering into an agreement, make sure you understand how much of your money will be going to Google for the ads served, and how much will go to the agency for its work.

About Google Partners agencies

Google Partners are Agencies, marketing professionals, and online experts who have been certified by Google to manage AdWords accounts. Companies who qualify for Partner status earn the Google Partner or Premier Google Partner badge. The badge shows that a company has demonstrated AdWords skill and expertise, met AdWords spend requirements, delivered agency and client revenue growth, and sustained and grown their client base.

If you’re new to AdWords, we suggest that you learn more about how AdWords works before hiring a Google Partner. That way, you can define your advertising goals and be ready to discuss them should you decide to work with a Google Partner.