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Media Placement

We specialize in media placement in small and medium markets. Aim Advertising has a combined 60 years experience placing media.  Our roots starting in the 1980’s gives us the experience to get the best possible value for our clients whether we are buying traditional or digital media. We know the metrics and how they work for every media from TV to Radio to Billboards or Newspaper. We also know how to negotiate with the media.

We work on a flat fee or a percentage of the media placement, whichever you prefer. Before we place an advertising schedule, we determine the goals, the medium and the message. Then we put together a plan for your review. Upon approval of a plan, we document all placements and guarantee accurate placement. We are well known for is our integrity and all media buys are made with total transparency.

If you are thinking about advertising on traditional media, give us a call for free consultation.  We would be glad to give you references upon request.