Ideas For Email Marketing

We Help You Build A List

  • Put an email signup on your website
  • Gather emails in your business or at events
  • Use online contesting through social media to gather email.
  • Create online blogs with email signups
  • Add an email signup on your Facebook page
  • Publish links on your LinkedIn page with offers that require a signup
  • Use you traditional mail list to direct mail invites to signup for your email
  • Add QR codes to your print ads directing people to online signup

We Design Compelling Emails With The Following Objectives

  • Get people to open your email
  • Get people to read and Share your email
  • Include links that get readers to click
  • Optimize for mobile devices

We Manage Your Email Campaigns

  • Segment your list and create targeted emails
  • Timing your email sending
  • Tracking and reporting statistics
  • Resends to people who do not open
  • Optimize your campaigns using tracking data

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Email And Social Marketing

Social Marketing and Email Marketing are different than traditional or digital advertising, and it is important to understand how to use them correctly. Traditional or digital advertisings objective is to introduce your business and products and persuade your prospects to buy. Social media and email subscribers already know you, and its primary use is to maintain top of mind awareness for your business and alert your best potential customers to sales, events, or other opportunities.

Email Marketing

Build And Manage Emailing Lists – You may already have a mailing list or you may need to build one. If you already have a list and want to continue to add to it, we can help. The first thing you should know is purchasing an email list for your business is almost always a bad idea. Unless you can find a list of emails from people you know would be interested in your product and have the ability to buy from you, do not buy it. Very few businesses will sell you their email list for a variety of reasons. It is even less likely a business with emails from people with the same profile as your customers will sell you their list. It is always best to build your own custom email list. Let us show you some great ways to quickly create the perfect list for your business.

Create – Aim Advertising can design emails with powerful copy and design appealing to your target audience. We create emails that get opened with compelling subject lines.  Our years of copy writing and design helps our emails to get read and shared. We also create links to help see what readers are most interested in. Aim Advertising has been designing and writing award-winning advertising since 1992. We utilize our years of experience to design great emails that will get results for your business.

Deploy – We analyze the statistics to determine when the best times are to send eblasts. We usually resend eblasts to subscribers who do not open the first send. We may also use split lists to test email effectiveness.

Evaluate – After an eblast is sent we review the statistics. The statistics show us when subscribers open their emails, what links they clicked on, how popular your emails are with your subscribers and much more.

 Facebook Marketing

Facebook is one of the most innovate marketing media every devised. It has the unparalleled ability to target audiences by geography, lifestyle, and demographics. It also has the ability to maintain top of mind awareness for your business. However, contrary to what some people may think, you cannot get the full impact from Facebook for free. To build a large fan base, maintain top of mind awareness and promote on Facebook takes an investment in time and money.

Aim has been posting on Facebook for clients Since 2007. We build and manage many successful Facebook pages for businesses of every type.  We also stay on top of  the continuous changes on Facebook. We can integrate pages that add functionality like contest pages, application form pages, download pages and more.

We know how to build your fan base by reaching new potential Fans through your current Fans and through promotions. To reach most Fans on your page we create posts that get your fans to engage.  The more they engage, the more they and their friends see your posts. We use Facebook to build great email marketing lists through contesting.

Are You Ready?

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Maximize Your Success with Facebook

We Can Create A Compelling Facebook Page For Your Business

  • Create a Facebook Page
  • Gather content for the page
  • Choose a design and populate page with compelling content
  • Add call to action buttons

Help You Manage Your Facebook Page

  • Create posts that engage your fans
  • Do posts on a weekly or daily basis
  • Add events when possible
  • Run Advertising to build your fanbase, gather emails and sell stuff

Below is an example of a page we created and manage for a car dealership