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Digital Signage Production

Aim Advertising owns and operates digital signage networks in supermarkets and high-traffic hospitality locations, which
includes restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions. We are a leader in Digital Signage. Digital Signage production takes
a different perspective from most other video production. When producing digital sign video you must keep in mind the
distance the view is from the screen, the time they spend in front of the screen and the fact there is no sound in most cases.

Some of the advantafes to digital signage are;

  • Content on the screens can be updated remotely and instantly on any number of video screens anywhere.
  • Content can be programmed to update automatically.
  • Audience is well defined because you can physically observe them.
  • Rates for digital signs are usually much lower on a cost per thousand basis, compared to other media.
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We have over 18 years experience in video production. Our facilities include a full video editing suite, running Adobe Premier Pro and Apple Final Cur Pro. We use Adobe Eafter Affects and Apple Motion to create special effects.

We have over thirty years experience with audio production. We have worked with Avide Protools Digital audio since 1992. Our audio
facility is capable of creating custom music and effects as well as video sweetening.

We do video for
• Online Presentation
• Cable TV Advertising
• Corporate presentations
• Educational
• Digital Signage
• Legal Cases
• Event Recaps

Typical Production Process

1. We discuss you project and document your needs. Then we present a detailed proposal

2. Upon approval of our proposal we create a time line describing what we will do and when we will do it.

3. We begin the process. We usually begin with a script. If live video is required that is the next thing we create. Then we gather any visual and audio elements needed.

4. We begin the editing process. We will send you proofs of the video and make any changes necessary unril
your approval.

5. Upon Approval we will deliver it in any format you need whether it is for on-line, TV, or to disc.