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Amazing Magic Prize Code™

When was the last time you had a double-digit return on direct mail, or had customers lined up for a city block waiting to enter your store?
The Amazing Magic Prize Code can do just that! You’ll be amazed how easily and affordable it is to add this new promotion to your marketing plan.

The Amazing Magic Prize Code™ is an interactive experience designed to read bar codes that trigger programmed audio and video files. When used as a game, a giant spinning wheel appears on a large display and spins to the triggered code announcing the prize. Bar codes can be printed on direct mail pieces or handouts and the prize wheel can be programmed for multiple prizes. The system has also been designed to display product information by scanning their UPC bar-code. Between scans the video screen runs custom programmed content for your business or event.

The Amazing Magic Prize Code™ is the new age digital equivalent of a carnival prize wheel! Complete with all the excitement and anticipation of a chance to win a big prize or discount.

Click on video below to see the Amazing Magic Prize Wheel in action