What are they?
Viral videos are short video clips posted on popular sites like YouTube, Yahoo, or MetaCafe. Typically, their purpose it to inform, entertain, or promote. Done properly a video can do all three.

How It Works
If you’re a business owner you probably have useful knowledge in your respective field. You can impart some of this information in front of a video camera. Rather then doing a commercial, you do an information program. For example, an electrician might show you how to properly find and reset a tripped breaker. The number of views on these types of videos is staggering, sometimes reaching into the hundreds of thousands.

Why It Works
Several factors make viral video a great way to promote your business. One is that people search the internet everyday for tips and product information. Another is the fact that viral videos hit the popular search engines faster than any other content. Yet another reason is that posting a video requires little effort on your part and doesn’t require you to have a fancy website. The editing software that comes with a store-bought video camera will more than suffice for this type of video.

In Closing
Viral video does not require a high production value. Simplicity, steady tripod shots and clear audio provide your viewers with a sense that someone is trying to help them and not sell them. Online videos allow your potential customers to meet you face-to-face before ever stepping through your door or picking up the phone.